Training Wheels

My boyfriends daughter asked for a bike for her birthday and never actually learned how ride the first bike he purchased for her. So, on Sunday, we went to take her to learn to ride her new bike (that doesn’t have the training wheels she so desperately thinks she needs). She cried because she felt that she needed them and wouldn’t be able to ride without them.

Since we live in an apartment community, we decided to use the soccer court since it was a low traffic area and it would be useful to not have cars going through the area that we were trying to use. Three hours later, she still doesn’t know how to ride the bike but she wasn’t trying to give up. She was just mad and frustrated. I stopped both her and her Dad and decided we would take a break and go inside and watch TV to let both of them cool down and get over their frustrations.

While sitting and watching the two of them I had a good laugh. The six-year-old little girl that didn’t want to ride her bike without a helmet because she was afraid resonated with me because I’m just that little girl advanced 20 years. Not because of the helmet situation but because I was have had a security blanket of saying “I don’t” be it time, money or whatever the actual thing is that I lacked to make it to the end goal that I was looking for. Money has been my training wheels for quite some time and that little girl made me realize that I can’t say what I do not have but yet fall down and get back up so that I don’t need the training wheels and move forward.

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