God doesn’t make mistakes

As I sit here and procrastinate on making wedding decisions, I ran across a blog. It is by a person that I follow on a few social media sites but haven’t had much interaction with. The message was one that has been resonating with me a lot lately. God doesn’t make mistakes.

This year my family unit has gone through hell. I can’t even write about it because we are currently in a court battle. Just know that everything we thought we knew for certain (and some had doubt about) was pulled from under us. We had to move because of electrical issues and then I’m supposed to be planning a big extravagant wedding through all that.

While I’m still looking for my bride gene, I will say that God makes no mistakes. I know the electrical issue could’ve been noticed to keep our unit from catching on fire. And well, the legal issues. That just fixes some things we didn’t know were wrong. Honestly, this has encouraged so much prayer and I’m forever grateful for that.

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Trusting God (and his timing)

On Sunday as I woke up and prepared for church, my fiancé called and talked to me about the message. (He worked that morning so he attended an earlier service, while I slept in for Daylight Savings). That discussion lead us to talking about prayer, trusting God and tithing. I wanted to share a quick story that I explained to him about two of those three subjects.

When we re-met each other we were both in weird  spaces. Not going to church regularly, his place had been recently burglarized and I had lost my job the day we ran into of each. But we noted one thing, we had prayed for companionship. Neither asked for mate, only a friend to take a journey with because we moved to the Atlanta area alone. He was there when I got a new job, when I was robbed at that particular new job and even when I quit because of how things were handled after the robbery. He was there in my corner being the man I needed him to be. He was honestly a companion that I had prayed for.
Going back to the story, he said he noticed that his actions weren’t aligned with faith and fully trusting God. I told him, he shouldn’t  question the will of God and to also be prepared for God to give you everything he ask for in prayer. He marveled at what I said but laughed when he thought about our relationship in depth. I prayed for a friend but had to lose my job to gain a friend. But amazingly, I haven’t been homeless or gone without much of anything. God kept me even when I  made a  shallow request of friendship/ companionship. He in turn gave me a husband. The man that I call my best friend, who will be the father of my children (not too soon though).
Sometimes you have to just step out on faith that God will lead you in the right direction. As I begin to plan this wedding, I just need not lose sight of my faith.

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Checking in here 1 week into Lent. I’m changing what I’m giving up tomorrow. For the first week it was meat. What I learned from not eating meat is that I need to clean up my diet even without meat. I did have to take time to plan ahead for meals which was great because I’m not much of a prior planner.  Which is why I purchased a planner last month and attempted to work toward my goal of actually becoming a goal setter an achiever.

With my fasting, I was able to accomplish a goal on my 101 things in 1001 days list. I was able to eat vegetarian for 1 week. It was a feat and though I didn’t crave any particular meats, I just knew that at times it would be so much easier and more efficient to stop at a restaurant and get something cheap and dead off the menu.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how week 2 is working out. {I actually get to take Sunday’s off since I’m keeping back up with the regular lent schedule}

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Taking Care of Self

Lately, I’ve been struggling with finding a moment for myself or being able to just do things that I would like to do. For at least 9 hours per day I’m in work mode. When I’m home, I’m in future wife mode. I have to be sure that I’m checking in on him, making sure that he is ok and by the time I’m done with all that I’ve barely had the time to do anything non-essential for myself let alone my business.

Today, I made up in my mind that I would set aside a time to do this for myself. Sadly, I couldn’t even come up with anything I wanted to do. It is in the high teens and nothing sounded even remotely appealing to do besides come home, wrap up in a warm blanket and wait for Scandal & How to Get Away with Murder. But, alas I took a trip to Trader Joes and purchased myself some flowers and a few meatless meals (one of my 101 things in 1001 days is to go meatless for a week). I even got some shampoo I had been thinking of trying after my new meds had affected my hair growth. I’m not where I want to be with taking care of self, but I’m also not where I was.

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Lenten Season: Day 1

I have struggled for about 24 hours with what to give up. The things that people have suggested to me haven’t been things that necessarily keep me from my goals or that giving up will teach me.

I realized that my biggest issue is procrastination, fear and doubt. None of those things can be given up in tangible form. I remember a few years ago, I tried to give up procrastination but that isn’t something that is tangible and can be measured as to how much I use it or give it up.

So, back in November I got rid of our cable bill. That helped me tremendously for a while with my procrastination. Then I got a new job and all I wanted to do when I got home was to unplug from the real world and be quiet and watch a good TV show that would allow me to get away from my actual life.

So, when I thought about how social media doesn’t affect my life like it used to, neither does television, eating sweets (outside those delicious red velvet oreos lol). I chose a new approach to getting rid of procrastination and fear.

I am not allowed to view the television or surf the web (although sometimes facebook is used for research) until I have finished my daily to do list. I will say that tonight it has worked well (judging by the fact that I’ve actually posted to this blog).

So, day one of Lent is in the books and I can actually watch my one hour of TV before I head to bed.

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What are you giving up this year?


I don’t think anything is hindering my relationship with Christ but I do believe that things in life are keeping me from living my best life. So, this year I think I’m going tp give up television and do my own version of fasting. I have a few hours to get it all together but I will keep you all updated on things I cook/test out and how I’ve modified any of my plans.

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I’m back… again

Happy New Year! Oh, and new blog. I was playing around in the back office of my site and deleted everything that has to do with my presence on the web. I lost my digital portfolio, business site as well as my space here as my personal blog. Luckily, I’m not tied down to things so, I can more forward in this space without having anything. It’s like starting again once more.

Speaking of starting again once more, that’s essentially what I’m planning to do this year. I want to wipe my slate clean of all the trials and tribulations of 2014 and move forward in this year.

One of my fresh beginnings was moving into a place that is collectively mine and my boyfriends. I moved into his place at the ending of 2013 and I always felt like it wasn’t officially mine, so we moved into our first place together on Dec 30, 2014 so that we could begin the new year together as one. Another new beginning happened when he asked me to marry him. We haven’t gone ring shopping (we both agreed I’m a snob so I have to help him with that plan) so I won’t say that I’m officially engaged but we are making progress in sealing that deal.

What else is new? I’m working toward launching a previous venture that I had so that means, I’ll be blogging about it in addition to recipes, information on GERD, my finances as well as living this not so single lifestyle.

So cheers to 2015 and all that happens on this blog during that time.

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