I’m back… again

Happy New Year! Oh, and new blog. I was playing around in the back office of my site and deleted everything that has to do with my presence on the web. I lost my digital portfolio, business site as well as my space here as my personal blog. Luckily, I’m not tied down to things so, I can more forward in this space without having anything. It’s like starting again once more.

Speaking of starting again once more, that’s essentially what I’m planning to do this year. I want to wipe my slate clean of all the trials and tribulations of 2014 and move forward in this year.

One of my fresh beginnings was moving into a place that is collectively mine and my boyfriends. I moved into his place at the ending of 2013 and I always felt like it wasn’t officially mine, so we moved into our first place together on Dec 30, 2014 so that we could begin the new year together as one. Another new beginning happened when he asked me to marry him. We haven’t gone ring shopping (we both agreed I’m a snob so I have to help him with that plan) so I won’t say that I’m officially engaged but we are making progress in sealing that deal.

What else is new? I’m working toward launching a previous venture that I had so that means, I’ll be blogging about it in addition to recipes, information on GERD, my finances as well as living this not so single lifestyle.

So cheers to 2015 and all that happens on this blog during that time.

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